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The Society has been serving the avicultural community in Arizona for over 30 years, and is believed to be Arizona?s oldest and largest bird club. The Society offers:

Educational Programs ? Every month the Society presents an educational program on a selected topic. The club has hosted noted aviculturists from all over the world who have given lectures on a wide variety of topics ranging from breeding finches to aviary construction, while not bypassing anything in between. Some of the past topics have been Budgies, Cockatiels, a variety of Parrots from the mighty Macaws to the tiny Parrotlets, Canaries, Toucans & Soft-bills, Disease & Healthcare, Genetics, Avian Medical Research, International Conservation efforts, and many others.

A Monthly Newsletter - All club members receive a club directory and a monthly newsletter. The purpose of the newsletter is to keep the membership informed about the organization. It features articles and/or informational pieces and keeps the membership informed on hot topics and ongoing news, as well as current Society happenings.

Bird Marts - The Society holds bird marts semi-annually featuring a wide variety of birds and bird-related merchandise. The bird marts were initiated to help club members market their birds and bird-related products, and continues to serve this function. This major event is held each Spring and Fall and draws a multitude of visitors each year.

Lending Library - The Society offers a lending library featuring many fine books, magazines, and videos on a wide variety of birds and bird-related topics. Most of these valuable resources may be checked out by any club member. Certain reference materials may not be checked out due to their cost, but may be viewed or consulted at any meeting.

Trips & Tours ? The Society periodically organizes trips and tours for members to enjoy. The feature trip each year is to the Pomona Bird Mart in California, one of the largest such events in the United States. In addition, trips may be organized to various points of interest within the State of Arizona, ranging from wildlife preserves to small zoos and private collections.

Social Events and Networking - The Society offers the opportunity to contact and socialize with people who share your interest in birds. Through the Society it is possible to develop an extensive network of bird-related contacts, and to access a wealth of knowledge from experienced bird-keepers and breeders. It is each member?s desire an obligation to share what each has learned and to educate and assist the next generation of aviculturists.

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